Possibly a deist god?

Please note, I am not saying that this does prove a god, I am simply asking a question. I am concerned about this particle being referred to as "The God Particle". 

Why is it called The God Particle? Is this an attempt to be very misleading or is there some other reason it was called this?

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brindle, brindle, brindle, you discount scientific theories (and BTW, Gravity is still considered a theory too, but I wouldn't recommend leaping from any tall buildings to test it), and yet you replace those, the products of much research from learned minds, with your opinion, "the infinite created the finite"?

Tell me the truth - are you 12? 13?

I find a lot of religious people don't understand that the word "theory" has two primary meanings: one is as a conjecture aimed at explaining something ("I have a theory that I left my glasses at the checkout lane in the grocery store"). The other meaning is as a set of accepted premisses that tend to organize and explain a subject matter and suggest testable predictions.


I like to ask them if they think that 'Music Theory' means we still question whether or not music has occurred.

Kris, I believe science is finding that there really is no such thing as empty space, if that is the sort of "nothing" being referred to. Space, it turns out, has become a substance again. We gave up the idea of "ether" filling so-called empty space and accepted that empty space was, well, just empty. Now physicists see so-called empty space as granular or foamy deep deep down on the sub-subatomic level. It has to be a substance, else how can it be stretched and/or compressed by the gravity of massive objects?

Veeeeery interesting - all of Brindle's comments have been deleted --

I guess poor Brindle didn't get the shock and awe reaction for which he had hoped.  At very least, I hope he is thinking through his rhetorical butt kicking to see where he went wrong.


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