I do. Very rarely do I wear panties. Even during my period. (Yes, it's possible).......

This is a pretty recent change for me...I did read somewhere random that it's better to go without panties at night. So that's been a practice of mine for some time..... Then one day I panicked realizing I needed to do laundry and I was OUT of clean panties!!! So I tried going commando that day....then another day, and so on....and now I can't imagine going back! I tend to wear almost exclusively dresses (Especially in the summer) and I have had a few shy moments feeling a bit more vulnerable when around men realizing I'm so.....accessible. But it's actually helpful to be reminded of how delicate a matter it is to be female, and going commando seems to help me remember my "animal side" and to be reminded of how humans have lived for a long time. It feels good, and no more wedgies!!! And I never have to pull down my dress from riding up my behind. It's great!

Do you go commando? Why or why not?

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I wear String bikinis. They give the feeling of going commando, but also give the boys a little extra support, and keep them out of trouble... >->...

"no more wedgies!!!"  No more of this. 

It's not easy for guys to go commando because any clothes with a zipper will pose a problem. The zip will start bouncing around our sausage and this can be very cold, uncomfortable and rather dangerous if there is a mechanical malfunction when zipping/unzipping.

However I do wear my kilt once or twice a year when I go out partying and this without a doubt must be a la commando. Both drunk women and men will lift up the back to see if I'm commando style or not. I get more phone numbers when kilting commando style than any other evening :) :) :)

I couldn't disagree much more. I have gone commando for most of my adult life (35 looming large this year) and have never had an issue with trapping the fella in a zip. Shake, mop when possible, tuck in, zip up and away.

In fact the *only* underwear I own is thermals for when I'm hill walking in the winter.

Even in -40º weather you haven't had a problem?

I'm a brit, the lowest recorded temperature in the UK was −27°C (−17.0 °F), three times in Scotland (since records began).

Personally, I have never experienced anything below about -18°C (0.4°F), but I did mention, I do own thermals for hill walking...


I used to go commando, it way fresher and comfortable, but because i live with year round summer it's extremely easy to sweat, especially around my hips. I only stopped doing it because it left my my pants with a huge odor (and not only sweat odor) after the second wear and i don't have time to do much laundry plus laziness. It doesn't solve the sweating issue, but at least i can use my pants longer.

No, I just mostly strut around the house naked in all my full glory!  In doing so, I may have scared off the neighbors across the street as they moved after only one year!  Either way, there's really nothing like a fresh wind against my nethers! :p  When I have to wear underwear though, it's mostly Evolve trunks.

I quit wearing underwear after my first 100 mile road march in the Army. Now I only wear long underwear during the winter when I walk to/from work, or I wear silk boxers if I think I'll be in a situation where it would be better.

It's probably been said, but I really don't want those things hanging when I'm older, so generally I keep it brief. But I don't wear them to bed (I can't believe you ever did-- you don't wear socks to bed, do you?)

My goal is to have nuts that hang as low as Bad Grandpa! :p


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