The music of the day fades away

Sweet song breaks in silence

The feeling of security dissipates

All things still, all things quiet

What seemed like order played tricks on the mind

Emotions run circles beneath the sky

The stars cry out sweet violence

As it seems they are falling like daggers from the black

All things painful, all things chaotic

The quest for certainty runs daydreams to nightmares

Breathing becomes painful

As order disappears, nothing feels safe

The night takes life away, and all that is left is confusion and pain

What will become of day?

Will night carry it away?

When will the sun cast all cares away?

After the night destroys all comfort and solace

As the body shuts down, and tears turn to salt on the face

The imaginary warm embrace is the only comfort of mine

There is no real answers to be found

The truth of life hurts like a dagger

The stars pierced the wound a thousand times

Thoughts circle like waves through the mind

The only thing left to do is cry

The salt swirls into dreams

When dawn arises, things are not as heavy as they seemed

The only explanation is entropy of the mind

Entropy is blind

It does not see beyond its own chaos

It does not think rationally

It does not see its own potential

Energy never dies, it only changes

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