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I have tried 5 times to create an account and log in. With no success. Unless there is a quick solution, I am out of here and the new site

You are already registered. Are you unable to log in?

Your username is RonHumphreyu. Looks like there is typo. You did not want to add u at the end of your username. Am i right?

Absolutely correct.  Now I have to remember the typo.  

I believe you can change that. If not, simply open up a new account using the right user name.

It seems like umar wants the best for TA.  I can't think of a better name right now, but if anyone can do so, that would be great. 

I'd be prepared to put in $10 a month, perhaps others would like to do the same, and we can cover umar's current monthly costs. 

Thanks Simon for your sincere offer. As my financial condition is good these days, i can bear little loss easily.

There is a problem with registering on the new site. It's asking for a solution to a capcha puzzle but there is no widget to do it. I was using chrome, it works with IE.

Sounds like a browser dependent issue.  I'm running a version of firefox I haven't updated in at least fifteen minutes, so I'm sure it's not up to date, and had no issues.

More and more I am glad I never used Chrome (the world's biggest piece of tracking software).

Thanks for reporting. A widget was causing this error. I have removed that widget and now it is not giving any error on chrome either. I shall discuss this issue with plugin creator.

I wanted to say to Umar as a software developer I understand the need (and the difficulty) to sometimes make changes for technical reasons that users are not comfortable with. 

I understand the concerns of Belle and others, which are legitimate, but sometimes a hard choice has to be made to prosper in the long-term.

In the beginning the new site will feel strange and may even seem inferior because we are not used to how it works. I think it is important to try and embrace what Umar is doing and turn the new site into as successful as site as this one. We can only do that by getting on board and helping Umar by giving constructive criticism of any problems.

I've hated many things about the way *this* site functions, so I'm cautiously optimistic I will like the other one better.


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