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Thirty percent of Americans believe that the Bible is the actual word of God, according to a recent Gallup survey. While nearly 50 percent agree that Scripture is “inspired” by God, only three in ten say that it should be interpreted literally. Another 17 percent say the Bible is merely an ancient book of stories recorded by man. According to Gallup, the view that the Bible is divinely inspired, but should not be taken literally, has been the most common opinion over the 40 years that the pollster has been querying Americans on the issue. Gallup noted that the “high point” in the number of Americans believing in the literal interpretation of Scripture was 40 percent in 1980 and 1984, with the low coming in 2001, when only 27 percent said they thought the Bible was the actual, literal word of God.


Among specific religious groups, Gallup found that Protestant were the most hard-core in their convictions about the Bible, with 41 percent believing in a literal interpretation of Scripture and 46 percent saying it is inspired by God. By contrast, 21 percent of Catholics believe the Bible is the actual word of God, while the percentage goes up to 65 percent for Catholics who believe it is the inspired word of God. As for respondents claiming no religious persuasion, only five percent thought the Bible is the actual word of God while, predictably, 63 percent thought it was nothing more than a book of legends and fables.


so, does this mean that the fundies have a lot more work to do or perhaps our perception is driven by a media that seems obsessed with promoting christian dogma for some reason? if less than half of all christians in general don't believe the word of god is 100% accurate, then why are they so quick to defend it when science and truth prove it wrong?


any thoughts welcome!

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Thanks for your clarity of thought. Much appreciated. Are you on Facebook? I am there as Kush Kant.

Trish:  I much agree on science education.  Although I'm sure I'm going to make enemies by pointing out that quite a few non-religious movements aren't very much in favor of science, either.  Dogma of any kind is hard to promote to people with a rational background.


While the information is available, I'm not sure it's more widely taught.


You're correct that when someone's orthodoxy is threatened, they'll react illogically in order to save it.  I'm quite sure you'll see that in response to some of my posts.


BTW, I'm a born Brit, then by way of Canada to the US, and naturalized.  So I may argue some cultural points, too.

I just know we have to keep moving forward with positivity in mind - what isnt taught yet, will be and whats lacking, will come around and be discussed in its own turn which is the beauty of the fluidity of rational education as opposed to the traditional dogmatism which dictates its unproven set answers as the word of the laws of god


As well as clarification of basic human needs there are brilliant minds at the back of this concerted effort to free people from the constraints which religion has imposed for overlong now, collectively our voice is growing in strength by the day, we are all making sense of this situation together - history will tell a wondrous tale of these times I dont doubt..... 

Religion has had its day and those who are still fighting, those zealots on either side, all need to be sent to an island and left to slug it out - all in my opinion of course  haha.......  I think they are just dupes of the profiteers anyway, but thats another rant for another day.....


Whats that saying from Diderot? Something like when the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest, the world will know peace......

As sad as it is that it's at 30%, it's actually a lot lower than i expected. We're finally becoming more and more of an Atheist nation. Too bad we won't be around when it's nearly 0%.


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