Warning! If you are American, the likeliness of you consuming these drugs are very high. I can't even escape it completely.

American Food Products = The drugs that you got hooked on if you were born in the age of supermarkets! The notion of rejecting these foods will also make you frown and shake your head like a heroine addict in denial about the bad effects of the drug they consume.

All cultures and languages know this fact and that is "You Are What You Eat".

Check out documentaries on Netflix such as "Food Matters", "Food Inc.", and "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" where they dive into the American diet. This is where this info I'm writing down is inspired.

I'm not an expert on nutrition, but you don't have to be an expert to know that what you are eating is hurting you. Fast food is the worst option as it contains so much sugar, salt, fats, and chemicals which are harmful to your body. Even if you buy your produce at your local market, they have been processed with pesticides and are already at least 7 days old before you buy them. The veggies and fruits you get from the store don't have much nutrition by the time you have them and you render them less nutritious if you cook them. Most of us American are full of junk and starved of our nutrition. That is why we are gaining weight, getting sick, and have less energy throughout the day. This vicious cycle prevents us from getting the energy we need to exercise to stay healthy as well as disliking the foods that are good for us. When the milkshake you get from a fast-food restaurant is closer in relation to plastic than milk is when you need to stop drinking it. Our food has become food substances that are slightly real food and the rest are chemicals. All of these chemicals are to make food more appealing to your eyes, nose, and mouth. You already made a bond and fell in love with this type of food, now it's time to break up and say goodbye.

This isn't the only problem. When people get sick they rely on medicine to get healthier. Don't go to medicine, go for nutrition. (Medicine is only important when you need it, but you don't need it just because you feel bad or achy). Buy and consume raw products by getting a juicing machine that blends up all of the fruits and veggies you need. This will help your body rejuvenate because you are giving it the nutrients it desires. As a result, you heal faster, you look cleaner, get a boost in mood, and acquire a strong immune system. Doctors don't recommend nutrition because most of them don't even get nutrition in their medical education. This is why we have high rates of heart attacks, cancers, and other health problems. This keeps the medical industry pumping out new drugs every year to "cure" American people. The side-effects of instructed use of drugs for aches and pains kills thousands every year! Why do you think Japan has some of the lowest rates of cancer and heart disease? It's not rocket science, just look at what they eat! Exercise is also important, but what you input into your body makes all the difference at the end of the day. It's not good to work out and consume junk, because you are working out a poisoned body. Let your liver and colon do the work when you drink plenty of water and your blended fruit/veggie juice. The body can clean itself and pull out all of that junk if you just take the time to detoxify.

Everyone needs to know this! Take control of your own life and health and fight back! You can get off all sorts of meds if you eat right and can prevent and even reverse many debilitating diseases and conditions that affect many Americans today. The food and medical industries have done a huge disservice to us because they are only focused on making sure are buying the crap they are selling (Money is more powerful than religion). If you are able to moderate your intake of processed foods, exercise, and get out in nature, you are on track to a healthier and happier life! If you can remove processed foods entirely, your advantages will be high and risks will be low.


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I'm not disagreeing with you, but the problem with cutting out the processed supermarket foods and going raw is that most people can't afford to do that. The reason people buy the crappy stuff is because it's cheap, and if you rely on food stamps you are put into even more of a corner, because some programs only allow you to buy certain things.

Good produce is expensive, not to mention the fact that since it has a short shelf life, if you were to go with that diet you would need to go grocery shopping a lot more often, and people who work full time, take care of their families and run their household don't always have time to do that (especially if they live in a poorer neighborhood far away from the higher-end supermarkets that sell the good stuff, like Whole Foods--which only a certain percentage of people can afford to shop at regularly anway).

I do agree our food and diets need to be better, but it's not as simple as saying "just cut out processed foods!" We need to make good nutrition accessible to everyone, because right now some people just can't afford it.

I agree. Last week I went to the grocery store before my son had surgery and thought I would "stock up"......well........I just moved into this new (rich) area that I really cannot live well in. It's too expensive. There are no grocery stores within a 5 mile radius that I can reasonably afford. Well, without thinking I went to the "main" store in town. I saw that they had a very cool sweepstakes going! I was very excited because they had some very awesome prizes, (like a trip to the San Juan's)....and it looked feasible to stand a chance to win something (multiple prizes.) In order to be entered you had to buy items that were labeled as "local" so the idea is that you are "buying local." Well, I'm an environmental tech student. How could I not want to buy local? Of course!!! So, I was in a huge hurry, just grabbed my normal list of groceries, all healthy stuff but I made sure to grab the right brands to get me into the sweepstakes. When I got to check out I started to have a sinking feeling wondering if I had enough on my food stamps card...I didn't. What would have normally cost me less than $150 dollars where I used to shop, cost me $275!! Because it was all local, organic, and at a very expensive store. I also found out I only had 50 on my food stamps left. I was very embarrassed as I had to tell her, "I cannot buy this I'm sorry." I had to leave. Oh how I longed for that fresh just killed that same morning salmon!!! Knowing they would probably had to throw it away. What a waste.

Sugar is especially bad. "Low fat" foods up the sugar content to make them more palatable. I've noticed that when I screw up and have too much sugar I feel a little initial boost but then feel more anxious and depressed than normal. Effectively a hangover from sugar but one that messes more with brain chemistry than the body in general.

Unfortunately carbohydrates (sugars and starches) can be quite addictive. And nearly impossible to avoid unless you make a special effort to do so. I'd estimate that a minimum of 90% of the food in a store contains carbohydrates. You can't even count on meat (normally just protein and fat) to be free of them since most ham available in a store has sugar added.

Frankly I'd rather be hooked on cocaine, heroin, alcohol and/or cigarettes and be trying to quit that than carbs. You don't need cocaine, heroin, alcohol or cigarettes every day to live but we did evolve to use carbohydrates on a regular basis. And a diet of just meat, eggs and cheese got old really fast for me.

But sugar will be nearly impossible to be better regulated because of the industry pushing it on us both directly and indirectly. Just so they can make more money.

There needs to be an entire shift in the mindset of Americans regarding nutrition. Instead of relying on others for many foods we can simply grow the foods ourselves. I grow an amazing amount of garden vegetables in a relatively small area of raised beds. Community garden plots are increasing in popularity and I believe they will become more prevalent in the near future as people develop an awareness about the pitfalls of processed foodstuffs. Purchasing seeds and planting vegetables takes a very small amount of money. It does require a commitment to attend to the needs of the garden but the upside to that is that it provides good exercise in doing so. I fear that as more people rely increasingly on technology there is a disconnect with the simple wholesome ways to live one's life. If you walk into a store and look closely you will discover that many food products are being shipped halfway around the world for consumption. Much of this product requires constant refrigeration/freezing during transport. The energy consumed in transportation alone is mind-boggling; it makes for an unreasonable carbon footprint.

The key is to bring food production back to the local level and demand transparency in knowing what is contained inside those foods we purchase at grocery stores. 

I agree Ed, that's totally cool that you do that!!!!! Like Beth said though, it's not an option for poor people. I live in an apartment. The most I could grow here is a few herbs that I can put in a pot. If I ever can afford to own a house with a yard I plan to do that. Totally!!!! That is SO awesome Ed.

Some processed food is totally fine and some of it is enriched and healthier and safer than over cooked or undercooked "organic food". And some organic/raw food is pretty bad for you and even dangerous. These sweeping generalisations aren't necessarily helpful. If you read anything on the subject matter make sure it's written and edited by several people trained in the empirical/scientific method who are capable of doing a sound meta analysis of all the research done on organic and pre-packaged food. Be very sceptical of food marketing but be extra sceptical of what "experts" tell you about the food industry...especially when it's sweeping generalisations.

Enriching food? I always laugh at that. The processing of certain foodstuffs strips them of many of the nutrients they originally contained. Some of these are replaced at some point but certain aspects like fiber contained in bran & germ, which is an important element of a healthy diet, are not replenished to original levels. 

What raw foods being bad for you where you referring to? Nothing in the vegetable world I take.

I'd rather walk into the garden and start eating than having to remove plastic from a container and wonder how the product inside was actually brought about. Humans today have many more chemicals, manmade and otherwise, in trace amounts floating around in their bodies than they did 200 years ago. The long term ramifications could be alarming.

It's true Ari, what I have found is that it's not hard to eat healthy. It requires an investment of your time. What I have found works for me on food stamps is buying only organic meats/chicken etc. But buying my chickens whole, because I cannot afford the nice already cut "boneless skinless" versions. Fruit and veggies I used to get at the farmers market. Now I HAVE to get them at a store, so I go to the cheap stores to stretch the dollar. For all beans and lentils I buy them raw and cook them. My crockpot is what helps me be efficient. Seeds and nuts I cannot always afford, sometimes I only get almonds.

But if I don't carefully plan my meals and make a shopping list, then I end up disorganized, like I did the other day, and then I'm much more likely to get something "fast." It takes a tremendous effort to eat healthy and fresh when I have very little time, and even less money.

I went to elementary school in Canada and we had long classes about food preparation and healthy eating. The packaging and labelling are a lot more informative there and there are a lot more banned chemicals and preservatives I think. That being said...there should have been a LOT more education on the matter and there still should be a lot more.

Are you eating well now Ari?

I think that education about healthy eating should become required in schools. Where I grew up in New Mexico there was NO education on the subject. My mother did not bring me up on a healthy diet and to this day she still eats very poorly. I was greatly influenced by the Mexican diet (having been married to a Mexican) and their diet is not healthy unless you are very intentional about it.....

So I learned everything that I know as an adult. Everything from reading books, watching Dr. Oz, lol.....reading mostly, and just experimenting......I just had a yummy dinner btw. Ari. If you don't already have one, invest in a blender and a crockpot. I just put a whole chicken in my crockpot so we'll have poultry for the week, along with white onion, purple carrots, and celery, with a dash of oregano, and rosemary. (Do not add salt.).....went on low for 8 hours and came out great. Place the veggies and some of the broth in a blender, then add in some of the chicken, sprinkled with fresh basil, and added in some jalapenos (the chopped kinf with carrots you find at all mexican grocery stores) with a little avocado and parmesean cheese......YUMMY!!!!!!!!

Total time it took me to prepare from start to finish? Less than 20 minutes.

My biggest downfall is when I'm not organized enough to go to the store with a list and a plan. The cooking itself and the planning is not hard, you just have to DO it. I think many Americans are too busy and don't have time. I don't have time either but I MAKE time. I do have to constantly fight the urge to go back to unhealthy eating habits, it is something one has to do intentionally i think. And not let laziness set in. Laziness should be labeled as the silent killer of Americans.
.....Oh yah, and garlic. Don't forget the garlic cloves!!!


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