hello, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place.

but a question has always plagued me.

You always hear it is a sin to murder, it is a sin to hate people (always with exceptions), it is a sin to like children, it's a sin to steal, etc. etc. etc.

But why is it a sin to eat shellfish?

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yeah, I agree with what everyone already said. they were eaten by the enemy and set them apart from the Israelite. also, they rarely saw any, and it was possible to get sick from them.
Another form of control over the masses?
Whoever outlawed them really like shellfish and wanted them all to themselves?

Shellfish is unclean; it is a filter feeder.

But why is it a sin to eat shellfish?

But why is it a sin to be selfish?

 Here in Sweden the Marxists made it morally wrong to like ABBA music due to them commercial and to be commercial was a big sin among the Marxists.


Wow, that's crazy. I love ABBA. Knowing you, knowing me, aha.... 

For me there is no sin.

Shellfish is one of my favorite animal flesh.


That being said, the healthy edibility of animal flesh can be divided by diet: herbivores, omnivores (lobsters), carnivores, scavengers, in that order. Herbivores generally constitute the better quality, safer flesh to eat. Beyond that, the health risks increase slightly with each progression in diet. You would not even consider eating a lion or a wolf or an eagle unless you were truly desperate for food. In modern times, this food chain edibility factor is multiplied several times over by the presence of toxic chemicals which accumulate in adipose tissues and become more and more concentrated as you go up the food chain.


Take for example bear flesh. If you had the opportunity or desire to eat bear flesh, unless you were desperately hungry, you would stick to eating bear flesh in berry season, not during salmon season. Bear in salmon season feed on decaying or dead salmon rendering their own flesh much less edible due to increased parasite load.


I was born in Newfoundland. Lobster was poor people's food there til the 70s! My grandmother took great pride in showing me the dexterity techniques required to eat lobster without implements.


Bon Appétit :)

It was a sin to eat shellfish before christ. It is no longer a sin to eat shell fish.

 Christ declared all foods spiritaully clean.
Here is another question Desirai , muslims cannot eat pork , it is a sin !!! what happened to those who eat it , they all  look fat and happy !!
It's just one of those things you're not supposed to do. My question is why doesn't anyone pay attention to it and boycott places like Red Lobster and other resturants that serve seafood?

It's not a sin to eat shellfish unless you follow the Jewish and Muslim dietary laws. Christians don't and don't need to.


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