Would you volunteer for a one way mission to Mars?

…or an asteroid, planet, sun or moon? The point is, for the purpose of cost savings, NASA would send one way missions to space for the purposes of cheaper exploration. Your’ not saving the world or anything like that….. it’s just for science/exploration. The only catch… you won’t return to earth and your life sustaining assets will not be resupplied. This mission has an expiration based upon your life sustaining supplies (months to a couple years depending upon the mission).

The incentives: You are going where no man has gone before…. And in a sick way… you will die like no man has done before.

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Bloody oath I would, sooner the better...doesn't it all end Dec 2012...better to be far far away before then!

I hope you survived.


Unless I had the resources to survive a natural lifetime. Then definitely... a wife would be nice too but I could survive on porn.

In a heartbeat, yes. Who needs time to consider? Strap me in and shoot me off.

Since, I have already been abducted by aliens, and am being held on this planet against my will, sure.

Although I would love to visit Mars or another object besides the Earth, I would prefer to live a normal life span rather than knowing that I'll be cutting my life short. If it was to build a permanent base on the Moon or Mars I would be all for it.

Agreed, I would only move if I knew I could live at least a somewhat normal life.

I think I remember reading once that the three strongest human desires are self-preservation, leaving a legacy ( which would include procreating) and exploration/discovery. I have already had children and would love to be part of advancing science ...and leave another legacy in the history books. I guess I would have to delude myself into getting past the self-preservation part, but yes, I would go.

Well being that I'm not a world renowned scientist that's older than dirt or dying from some disease I'm not sure what value would be there for me to go. Now if I had to stay there forever but could continue to live maybe but that would be if I wasn't alone. One major drawback is you couldn't use this as a way to get laid... I mean who are you going to brag to about being the bravest dude ever? Seems like a uniquely bad deal.

If I couldn't have children and had a partner with me along with a couple of really cool people, and I knew my family would be looked after for life then maybe! But I'd have a long list of stuff I'd want to bring with me for entertainment!! 

Mars, yes.  Distant planet, yes.  Moon or asteroid..no.  We've been there and not much going on.

Yes.  In a heartbeat, I've always wanted to go to space.  Even if I knew I wasn't coming back.


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