All my youth, I was very tomboy, played with the boys and their toys. During my teens my play with boys turned from gravel pits and Tonka trucks to body parts, but... I was still playing with boys, and not dating.

And although I menstruated at the average age of 13.1 yrs, my female body parts were very inconspicuous til much later in life, and even then...

So I thought my brain was still male orientated... well... not according to this BBC test... I'm mostly female! ha ha ha

I even prefer female faces over males faces :)  Well ok, that's no surprise, considering the number of times I've fallen for gay guys! (the test does provide an explanation for that though).

Anyway, sure, I usually bitch that such tests are scientifically pretty meaningless, but this one is fun, and takes less than a quarter hour.

BBC Sex ID... Find out how your mind works.

Enjoy :)

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I think today's world would be better off with less testosterone, so I don't mind being closer to female-like than most other males. 25 percentile male, here.


I scored 50 on the male side:



Your score: 19 out of 20
Average score for men: 15.1 out of 20
Average score for women: 13.3 out of 20


Spot the difference:

Your score: 64%
Average score for men: 39%
Average score for women: 46%



You said your left thumb was on top when you clasped your hands together.

(I am left-handed)


Emotions and Systems:

Your empathy score is: 6 out of 20
Average score for men: 7.9 out of 20
Average score for women: 10.6 out of 20


Your systemising score is: 17 out of 20
Average score for men: 12.5 out of 20
Average score for women: 8.0 out of 20



Your score: 10 out of 10
Average score for men: 6.6 out of 10
Average score for women: 6.6 out of 10



Right Hand: No result available. It appears you didn't complete this task.
Left Hand: No result available. It appears you didn't complete this task.

Average ratio for men: 0.982
Average ratio for women: 0.991

(I don't own a ruler of any kind! But my ring fingers are quite longer than my index fingers)



Your choices suggest you prefer more feminine faces.


3D shapes:

Your score: 11 out of 12
Average score for men: 8.2 out of 12
Average score for women: 7.1 out of 12

(Ran out of time at the last one)


That was fun... Thanks for sharing!

This test wouldnt work for me :(

never mind i got a 50 women

I wound up with a perfectly average male score.  My strongest 'male' traits were mental shape rotation and angle matching - where I nailed both.  Where I scored terrible for a typically female skill was the 'spot the difference' part, but I have a HORRIBLE visual memory for various reasons.  Also, being agnostic on sexual orientation I couldn't decide if I liked male or female faces better so I flipped a coin.  Interesting test, but I found the little trivia parts in between segments the most interesting.

agnostic on sexual orientation

Interesting choice of words, Heather. In this case, do you mean you are attracted to both sexes or do you mean that you truly do not know what your sexual orientation is? (I read it as the latter but my curiosity demands that I press you for more info! Feel free to tell me to butt out...)

For the most part I'm not really sexually attracted to anyone in a purely physical sense.  When I have found myself sexually attracted to someone, it's always been after a great deal of time knowing them socially, and coming to know them intellectually.  It's much more of a psychological orientation than sexual orientation.  I will admit, however, that I do occasionally find certain characters in movies rather compelling, but that too is based on the character more than the gender, although the way movies are typically formatted I tend to be attracted to men of the screen more often than women.

Ha ha. I scored a perfect average female score but I did skip the hand measuring section because I was too lazy to go find a ruler lol.

I actually did this test already. I scored 50 on the male side. to be honest I was a little surprised by that, was expecting closer to the middle.


The really disturbing thing was that I scored 2/20 for empathy :S

According to the test I have a balanced brain that is neither 'male' not 'female' dominated.


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