About Think Atheist

Think Atheist is a social networking site focused on current events and building a global Atheist community. Our goal is to create a space where people from all over the world can connect and share their Atheist experiences and/or their conversion stories.

Why join?

First of all, this is a site for everyone! :] No one is excluded no matter what their background is or what beliefs they hold. We invite you to join in all discussions on every topic or issue addressed here on Think Atheist. We extend respect to all guests and members, and expect the same courtesy in return.

Atheism is on the rise all over the world, but some of us are having trouble finding our voice above the white noise of religion. Even more of us feel ostracized by the “believing” majority. If you fall into those categories, Think Atheist is your safe place to come out and learn how to have a dialog with friends, family, and strangers about your belief that the world was not created but is in its current state because of complicated and beautifully unguided processes. This is a place you can add to your own knowledge about the universe and share with others what you’ve discovered in your own studies and research.

We hope this site enriches your life and empowers you to feel a little better about the world around you.

So how does it work?

Think Atheist is a news and social networking Web site (like Facebook or MySpace), except with an Atheist twist. We are a fun, active community that provides a place for you to share and network with other freethinking individuals. Here are a few things you can do on this site:

  •  Create! Put together your own profile and share anything and everything about your beliefs, aspirations, goals, and ideas; most importantly, tell us about the ways in which you are active in your own convictions.
  •   Interact! Meet new people and encourage all your friends to join!
  •   Blog! If you read a great article, hear a good interview or see an interesting documentary, this is the place for you to share it.
  •   Join a Group! You can all share your ideas with people who have similar interests. If you already have a group, this is an opportunity for you to network on the Web and spread the word!
  •   Find Events! If you want to join others in taking action, or you've heard about an event or are planning on organizing your own, you can search for those events or post yours on the calendar.
  •   Upload Photos & Videos! You can post photos and videos about anything you feel relates to Atheism (directly or indirectly), or you can even just add your fav YouTube video!
  •   View News & Opinions! We pull together the latest Atheism and political news from around the Web, including some from the world's leading community organizations!
  •   Get Active! Discover how to become an active Atheist and start making a real difference in your community and in the world!

Questions About Think Atheist

Can my organization have a profile?

Yes! We believe religion affects us all and that we can only find solutions to problems posed by religion by working together. We encourage organizations to join us in order to help continue to build a safe, fun, and thoughtful community which is united by atheism. Our mission statement is a call for global change around misconceptions about atheism.

What is the purpose of Think Atheist?

Think Atheist was created to help people "come out" about being atheist. Our vision is to encourage everyone who is atheist to get involved with changing stereotypes and misconceptions regarding his or her decision to abstain from religion or a belief in deities of any kind. Bigotry against atheism is still very rampant in our communities, our schools, and even amongst family members. Think Atheist aims to give our members the proper tools to fight anti-atheist hate and discrimination.

What are the rules?

  •   Guidelines for T/A .
  •   Be courteous and respectful.
  •   Aim to be constructive.
  •   No profanity or offensive material.
  •   Do not upload materials that you do not have permission to share.
  •   If you notice a problem, then Report an Issue.
  •   If you belong to a political or media organization, please disclose this in your profile.
  •   A list of Site Moderators can be found here.


    Think Atheist is a community-driven site developed by Morgan Matthew. The majority of views and opinions expressed on the site are solely those of our members or guests and not necessarily representative of Think Atheist. Only comments lodged under and by the "Announcements & Known Issues" can be attributed to Think Atheist.

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