Moderators of Think Atheist

Please be aware that a moderator may contact you to request that you repost your content in the proper format, appropriate section of the site, or request that you edit it in order for it to meet guidelines. He/she may copy your content into the message, with an explanation, if it is denied as a blog or taken out of the discussion forum for some reason. However, if your post is deemed inappropriate for Think Atheist, it may be removed outright. Though we try to preserve your contributions, Think Atheist is not responsible if content is lost. SAVE your content before posting to ensure it will not be lost. 

If you would like to express a concern, make a complaint, or offer feedback on any matter whatsoever (including moderator behavior), please Report an Issue or Send Feedback. You may also contact a moderator directly. Please be discrete; the public forums are not the place to confront members or moderators and action may be taken against those who do so inappropriately. We will do everything in our power to resolve an issue satisfactorily.  

No part of Think Atheist shall be used to defame, discredit, or berate another member of the site. If you participate in live debate, you must refrain from personal attacks. Find a constructive way to get your point across without insulting those you engage. 

Below is the list of our current moderators and administrators in no particular order. (updated: 3/13/15)

Umar (administrator)


Pope Beanie

Reg The Fronkey Farmer

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